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How Software Development Impacts Compliance - Rick Gilmore

  • Harvard Square (map)
  • 2180 Harvard Street, Suite 280 (Second Floor)
  • Sacramento, CA 95815
  • 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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How Software Development Impacts Compliance - Rick Gilmore

Sacramento SQL Server User Group
February 7, 2018, 6PM - 8PM

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This session will cover the importance of compliance and secure coding in today's  software development field. The specific areas to be addressed are:

1) Secure Coding and the SDLC
2) The importance of Security Awareness Training
3) Common myths with using protected information
4) Compliance – The Strong Arm Of The Law
5) Examples of industry trends
6) Q&A

The information will open with the concept of the session and an introduction by the Presenter, with the entire session divided into 6 parts. The discussion begins with a current status of things and then establishes the need for the content with the goal of providing takeaways.

The first part will cover the principles of Secure Coding practices and expound on the importance of adhering to the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

Next we'll discuss why Security Awareness Training is necessary, the legal implications, and the benefits to developers and their employers to conducting Security Awareness Training on a regular basis (i.e. Due Diligence and Due Care, contractual obligation, etc.).

We'll move through myths in the industry commonly referenced when using protected information during the development lifecycle and why data de-identification is necessary to meet regulatory requirements. This section will address the legal and regulatory implications of non-compliance, whether willful or unintentional.

We'll discuss why compliance is necessary and how they can actually help you avoid serious and even catastrophic consequences when accessing protected information.

Finally, the presentation will seam together all of the information to help the listener develop a plan to execute for their own organizations. Examples and case studies will be used to demonstrate how to, and how NOT to, perform their duties in the processing of regulated data.

The presentation aims to equip attendees struggling with knowing how to achieve compliance in today’s rapidly changing information world.

Mr. Gilmore is an Information Risk Manager, Cyber Security strategist, and recognized author within the information security field. His IT experience spans over 30 years beginning with the U.S. Air Force and includes great opportunities within the public and private sectors with recognized leaders in IT such as Intel, Hewlett Packard, McAfee.  His ability to effectively manage remediation efforts of deficiencies in security controls and processes has proven invaluable to a variety of industry sectors to include healthcare, retail, aerospace / defense, financial, technology, and education, with emphasis on compliance with privacy and security directives.

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